Popular Black Hairstyles

Popular Black Hairstyles

Black hair style is very unique. The reason being that black hair requires special treatment and care to look good. This has led to many exclusive black salons and beauty shops. They sell a wide variety of products for hair care and styling. However there main specialty is providing all the complex Black hair styles that are available.  Many Black hairstyles originated from Africa and as such have interesting and unique creations. Popular styles include braiding and hair weaving. There are many different styles of braiding that can take many hours to do. Examples of these are corn rows, and the ever popular dreadlocks.   Straightening is also a popular Black hairstyle, but needs a good deal of care to prevent damage to the hair and scalp. This style necessitates the use of conditioners and moisturizers to preserve your hair. Always consult a professional stylist before straitening your hair.

Beads play a large part in Black hairstyles. They come in many colors and also originated in Africa. They can be glass, wood, or any material, including plastic. They are often brightly colored and used in contrasting colors. From a very small age many black people practice braiding and beading of the hair. This is a tradition in many families and brings mothers and daughters together in a special way. It also serves to straighten out naturally curly hair.

Now there are many ways for the fashion conscious black woman to try new Black hairstyles. Even men are enjoying the new trends, especially in hair braiding. There are new products and styles being developed as we speak. It is indeed an exciting new time for Black hairstyles.


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