Short Hairstyles Trends

Of course, the natural progression from oval, has to be a round face shape and if it works on not quite round then clearly it’s going to rock you round faced beauties too! Your face shape is going to love them all, the pixie is pixie perfect and the full on short croppy and boyish cut is going to welcome you with it’s arms outstretched! You will always look awesome with this versatile look and dazzle where ever you choose to take it.  It’s going to give you sophistication and glamor like never before and work those hollywood dresses and killer heels to perfection. There are nearly no buts yet where would we be in life without one? We need at least one even if it is only a small thing… and you need to take pay caution to it, no matter how tempted you might be, no matter if you’re desperate for it. And that but is the heavy horizontal bang!Don’t do it, it’s going to shorten your face shape and not enhance your features at all. Bob it or boyish crop it by all means but don’t straight liner a fringe! You can do a gorgeous sweeping side step if you like, you can add height and spike it, but don’t heavy liner it!Now if you have one of those gorgeous little faces that is all cute like a pretty little heart, you’ll already be used to loving and adoring it. They are so charming and delightful, they are the epitomy of sweet and short hair also can’t get enough of it and this is the one that you can do in just about any way shape or form like an oval, but one thing you may well want to look at is a nice sweeping side bang.Those great bang’s will draw some sensational attention to your eyes and bring out those dainty features to make you look like the icing on the cake. Yet again, however, like with the beautiful round shaped faces, avoid that heavy lined and horizontal bang if you can possibly help it.