The African American Braided Hairstyles

The African American Braided Hairstyles

African American braided hairstyles are dealing with natural hair. It is natural for fullness and thickness. It will be a challenge to braid the hair. Braid with the extensions is really difficult to create. It is also take a lot of hour to make it. Sometimes they twist the hair into the French twist when they braid it with our self. Then we can fix it with the many of pins. The thick braid usually put into the elegant updo. They also have another style. It is cornrows. It usually used by male. That was some black braid hairstyles.

There are some methods to have African American braided hairstyles. The first method is rope braid. We will follow some steps to make it. The first step is wash then conditions our hair. We can use conditioner of leave in to make it softer and easily to style it. The second step is parting hair into the small parts. We can part it using comb. The third step is separating each section of the hair into sections with three equal hairs.

We can start it from near of the hair roots. We must manage to not really close with the roots. It is to avoid being wounded. The next step is braiding your hair. Then the last step is tying the braid in the edge. It is optional step to braid your hair. You can tie it in the finishing line for the braid.

The other method to have African American braid hairstyles is cornrows. This is usually made for male. There are steps to make the cornrows. The first step is parting hair into some sections. This method may do in plenty different patterns. You must do it straight back when it was your first time. The second step is place extension. We can put extension in the starting braid. It was an optional.

Only some stylists usually add it to make it stable and have colour. We do not need to do it because it will take more time to make it. The third step is grabbing the hair. The hair is parted from the forehead and makes it in some sections. The next step is French braid your cornrow. Then the last step is braiding it. You can tie it at your neck. Both of methods are common styles for African American braided hairstyles.


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